Hi, I'm Vi Tran - like the letter "V." Somewhere along the line my parents must have known I was going to fall in love with the tech industry because they named me Vi Lan Tran. Insert vim and LAN jokes here. Since I was 18 years old, my love has been finding the intersection between business/communications/PR/advertising/marketing and technology.

I'm currently a management consulting analyst, aligned to communication, media, and technology at Accenture. During my undergrad years, I  interned at INK PR - a boutique tech/clean tech PR agency headquartered in the Silicon Hills (a.k.a Austin, Texas), Amazon, National Instruments, Wireless Industry Partnership, and Wellington Group. 

I graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in public relations, a business foundations certificate, and a love for the Texas Longhorns.

My experience has allowed me to develop analytical and creative problem solving skills.


I like people, tech, marketing communications and public relations. I run on a lot of coffee - let's grab a cup and chat.